Colour me pretty

My Easter long weekend has been splashed with bold colours.

The beetroot red from Saturday’s cake making, and then today’s beetroot, coconut and lime soup production.

The pinks, yellows and blues that adorned our place settings at the Easter lunch I attended yesterday.

The citrus colours of the Bugaboo prams that accompanied the babies at said Easter lunch.

And then… autumn!

I have noticed the trees change over the past few weeks, along with the stunning seasonal sunsets, but I am always rushing here or there and never have the camera at hand to snap away. Today I got a chance to stroll around my local streets in the waning afternoon sun.

When I was small, my Grandpa’s street was a wonderland in autumn. Lined with liquid amber trees, it was always a kaleidoscope cliche of colour.

Now, I live only a few blocks away from him.

At lunch yesterday, we joked that a sign of knowing you’ve ‘made it’ in the world is when you can afford to get pre-assembled furniture delivered to your home, which you presumably own.

This is how I know I’ve made it:

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